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Hike, read, and write camps for young trail blazers,

curious naturalists, and budding writers  in forests of the East Bay! 

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Does your child love animals and learning on outdoor adventures, not just from home on screens? We hear the call of the wild! K-5th graders explore, hike, play, and learn in the forests in East Bay outdoor camps. Oakland camps and Berkeley camps have up to eight children in stable weekly groups for COVID-19 health and safety. Kids take a breath of fresh air away from screens, spark a love of nature, develop literacy across genres, read and write wilderness adventure stories and exciting accounts of animals and people in the great outdoors, make new friends, and more!

At Inspire, we believe in learning by doing, so lessons are relevant to the learner's environment, engaging the whole child - head, heart, and body. Our East Bay nature camps combine:


  • Biology and language arts enrichment

  • Kindness for campers and animals

  • Enjoyable exercise! 

Child to staff ratio: most groups are 4:1

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Hiker girl child 8-9 years reading book
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East Bay educational camps for K-5 combine hiking, reading, and writing camps in one! In active day camps, kids hike in East Bay parks, navigate trails, learn amazing animal facts, play entertaining perspective-taking games, read and craft their own stories with wilderness themes, illustrate their stories, write and perform skits, do scavenger hunts and nature journaling, conduct mini science experiments, practice storytelling across genres, deepen their sense of wonder, eat healthy food, become eco-conscious, develop executive functioning skills to become hike leaders, strengthen stamina, make friendships, and more!

Hiking Experience: At camp, kids enjoy flexible and abundant breaks during and after daily hikes for play and exploration, snacks and rest, and lessons both planned and spontaneous! As many breaks as campers need will be provided for maximum enjoyment. At camp, trails range from relatively flat to somewhat hilly and rocky with varied terrain over occasional rocks and roots. Previous hiking experience on varied terrain for at least three miles spaced out over the day is recommended. 

Hiking Distance: A general rule of thumb is that your child's age corresponds to a comfortable number of miles to hike (age 5 = 5 miles). Many variables may result in your child enjoying shorter or longer hikes, such as previous experience, quality of sleep the previous night, snacks, hydration, and breaks. Campers enjoy shorter hikes than the age-miles formula above to have time for fun lessons along the way. Distance starts shorter and may flexibly increase over the week, based on the unique individuals in a group, tailored to their physical conditioning and interests for maximum enjoyment.

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Ages: 5-6 (K-1st graders)

  • Activities include: hiking easy to moderate trails, climbing, and nature exploration; emergent literacy and early reader activities, such as storytime with colorful and engaging nature theme books, singalongs, and movement; creating simple wilderness adventure stories with an introduction to story elements (characters, setting, plot, problem, and solution); simple skits; playing animal fact versions of hide and seek and chase; writing, drawing and coloring original picture books based on the senses (what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch on your hike); crafting and playing animal "Guess Who?" and forest "I Spy" games, scavenger hunts with pictures and decodable words, and more!

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kids hikers walk on logs with poles (2).

Ages: 7-8 (2nd-3rd graders)

  • Activities include: hiking easy to moderate trails, climbing, and nature exploration; wilderness theme reading, writing, and skits with story elements following the "story mountain"; an introduction to writing choose your own adventure stories; simple nature journaling; crafting nature poems based on the senses; teambuilding wilderness games; wildlife hike and seek, "Guess Who?" and "I Spy" games; creating their own scavenger hunts; and more!

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hiker girl with hat on hilly terrain wit

Ages: 9-10 (4th-5th graders)

  • Activities include: hiking easy to moderate trails, climbing, and nature exploration; language arts activities with nature and wilderness themes, such as stages of the writing process from prewriting to publishing; writing and performing their own skits; nature journaling; mapmaking for the trails; creative writing for wilderness theme stories and poems; teamwork by coauthoring stories; illustrating their writing; personal journaling; creating bios of brave and inspiring naturalists, activists, and wildlife artists; making their own scavenger hunts with riddles; and more!

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At Inspire, we believe in diversity and inclusion. We welcome children from diverse linguistic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, as well as children in general education and special education programs. Contact us if your child has a disability for accomodations we may be able to provide in our Berkeley nature camps, Oakland nature camps, and Castro Valley nature camps. Our camps are not specifically designed as special needs camps but are open to all, and Camp Counselors are experienced in creating a safe and respectful environment for diverse children to learn and enjoy! 


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What to Wear and Bring

  • A mask, in accordance with local and state COVID-19 health and safety requirements

  • One spare mask so your child can easily replace a used or damaged mask with a clean one

  • Layers

  • Waterproof attire for rainy weather

  • Sun protection for sunny weather (sunscreen/sunblock, sunglasses and/or sun hat)

  • Hiking backpack*

  • Two healthy snacks

  • A healthy packed lunch

  • Water in a water bottle or water bladder inside your child's backpack

  • Hiking shoes or boots

  • A sense of adventure and curiosity!

*Hiking backpack note: children wear their backpacks themselves on walks and hikes. If your child doesn't have a hiking backpack, a school backpack may suffice, but a properly sized and fitted hiking backpack (with hip belt) is ideal for weight distribution and comfort. For children ages 4-7, their backpacks should weigh no more than about 5-10% of their body weight. Ages 8+: no more than about 10-15% of their body weight.

Rain or Shine

We nature lovers enjoy camp rain or shine! Kids spot animals that emerge in the rain, splash and play in puddles, and enjoy the senses, observing and exploring a wet, rainy forest in contrast with a dry, sunny forest.



Spring Camp Weeks, Hours and Prices

  • Dates: April 4-April 8

  • Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

  • Prices: $607.35 for five days

Summer Camp Weeks, Hours and Prices

  • Dates: week-long camp sessions from June 13-August 12 

  • Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

  • Prices: $485.88 for four days (week of July 4th), $607.35 for five days


Weeks, hours, and prices are subject to modification and updates. Check again when registrations for Spring 2022 and Summer 2022 open. Thank you!


Sibling Discount: $50 off for sibling enrollment, applied towards the same camp per child.

Early Bird Discount: $50 off per session for summer camp registration completed through February 28.



Parks of the East Bay!

  • Outdoor education and hikes for kids in Berkeley camps

  • Outdoor education and hikes for kids in Oakland camps

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Your requests are always welcome! East Bay outdoor camp locations and specific trail requests are considered by popular demand for Berkeley outdoor camps, Oakland outdoor camps, Castro Valley outdoor camps, and other cities in the Bay Area! For requests or inquiries, feel free to reach out with an email for the quickest reply.


Call of the Wild Camps

* Summer Camps

* Winter Camps

* Spring Camps

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