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BCBA Supervision

Serving: Dedicated BCBA trainees who are enrolled in or who have completed graduate coursework in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and who are seeking supervision hours.


  • Remotely via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing from the convenience of your home or other secure location.

  • In-person in the San Francisco Bay Area - East Bay and South Bay, including Solano County, Contra Costa County, Alameda County, and select cities in Santa Clara County.

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Supervision services:

  • BACB Fifth Edition Task List completion via the following:

    • Skills assessment based on the task list 

      • Self-assessment for each task at the outset of supervision​

      • Assessment with your supervisor 

    • Behavioral Skills Training (BST) - instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback

    • Implementation with your clients or students with video samples for supervisor observation

  • Case discussion and feedback

  • Research article discussion

  • Supervision following the Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts

  • BCBA exam preparation

Rate: $65.00/hour

What you need:​

  • Current employment or internship utilizing ABA with clients or students

  • Access to a computer, iPad, or tablet

  • Internet access

  • Microphone and web camera

  • Written consent from your employer or internship coordinator for remote supervision of your cases

  • Written consent from your clients to be video or audio recorded and remotely observed for supervision

  • Supervision contract that will be provided to you

Contact: Contact Inspire Behavioral Learning® to determine if distance supervision is right for you. 

FREE initial 30-minute consultation! 

Phone: 510-296-5519

Fax: 510-296-5780


M-F   8:00 AM-7:30 PM

Sat    9:00 AM-6:30 PM

Sun   Closed

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Alameda County

  • Contra Costa County

  • Santa Clara County

  • Solano County


I N S P I R E Behavioral Learning®

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